Itel A14 Vs Tecno Pop 2 Which one is Better?

Itel A14 Vs Tecno Pop 2 Which one is Better?

Itel A14 Vs Tecno Pop 2 Which one is Better?

Itel  is no more dulling in the game, They keep rolling out phone month after month and most of there phone are good and best for users.


Tecno is one of the most popular phone companies nowadays, They keep their potential of the best phone companies by releasing phones monthly.


In this article, you’ll be able to make the right choice either to go for Itel A14 or Tecno Pop 2.



However, we’re not to debate about the two phone companies, they were both good and advisable to use.


To talk about and the OS both phones are 8.1 Oreo and they are both Go Edition.


Let move into the main topic – Itel A14 Vs Tecno Pop 2 Which one is Better?.

Itel A14.                       Tecno Pop 2



Display Size                                                         4 inches                          5.45 inches


Screen to body                                                 56.49%                             71.2%


Pixel density                                                      480 by 800                    480 by 960





Ram                                                                           512 MB                        1GB

Internal storage                                                        8GB                                16GB

Storage                                                                 Micro SD                     Micro SD

Expansion                                                            Up to 32GB                up to 64GB




Processor                                                     A-7 Cortex, 1.3 GHz.    Cortex A7,  1.3GHz

CPU                                                                        Dual Core                     Quad Core

Processor                  Processor

OS                                                                          Android 8.1 (Oreo)         Android 8.1 (Oreo)

Go Edition                Go Edition




Capacity                                                                        1500Mah                 2400Mah

Type                                                                          Removable Li-Po              Removable Li-on

Battery                  Battery




Rear                                                                                          2Mp                5Mp


Front Camera                                                                             0.3Mp            8Mp




Weight                                                                                     113g         155g


Biometric                                                                               No           Fingerprint present

Colours                                                                   Black, Blue           Champagne Gold,

City Blue,   Midnight Black.

Dual Sim                                                                                  Yes                    Yes

Sim Type                                                                              Micro Sim       Micro Sim

Network                                                                          2G,3G, WiFi       2G,3G, WiFi




Headphones                                                                   3.5Mm jack            3.5Mm jack


Radio                                                                                    Fm                          Fm




Bluetooth                                                                                       2.0                    2.0

WiFi                                                                                               Yes                      Yes

USB                                                                                    2.0               2.0

Features of USB

Mass Storage device,      Mass Storage device,

Charging.                     Charging.


Phone Features


Vibration                                                                                              Yes                           Yes

Music Ring tones                                                                               Yes                          Yes

Voice dialing                                                                                       Yes                          Yes

Voice Command                                                                                Yes                          Yes

Voice recording                                                                                 Yes                         Yes


Price                                                                                                      $42                    $54

Launched  Date                                                                      December, 2018.          May, 2019.

Alot of arguments of go on about this phone, with help of this our review we think you will surely m ow what you want to go for now.

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