How To Order From Amazon

How To Order From Amazon

No one will ever want to lost his or her money to any online store, this article consists of everything you need to know on how to order on amazon successfully without any stress.

Have you ever place an order on amazon and it went unsuccessful? or you’ve being discouraged by people about amazon store.

Don’t let them hold you back, we got you covered.

just read and understand then you’re free to go.
if you’re have been wondering on how you can purchase or buy something from amazon then this article is for you, we will gives you the steps by steps on how to order from amazon, after reading this article I wish you happy shopping.

Before we even proceed, let glance on what Amazon is.

What is Amazon?

Amazon is e-commerce company and one of the largest retailer company in the world.

Founder:  Jeff Bezo’s.
Year Founded :  1994.

Headquater: Seattle, Washington in United state.

How Legit Is Amazon?

It’s one of the most trustworthy store, once you know how to place order on amazon you don’t have any problem with them and if there is any complain you can reach out to their Customer Hotline.

How To Place Order.

Step 1: Before anything at first you’ve to sign up on their site.

  • To sign Up Click the sign in icon at the top right bar corner, on this you’ve to fill in your name, email, and desired password. once you’re done, Click “Continue”.
  •  A mail will be sent to your provided email address to verify your amazon account, Check your email inbox for the OTP (One Time Password) that was send to you.
  • Use the OTP to verify your account and click ” Create Your amazon account.

Step 2: Set up your Shipping address, Click on your account and Click add address new.
The Shipping address is the address that anything you order from their store will be deliver to. Amazon allow user to use more one Shipping address either your home or business address you’re free to add more than one addresses.
Then Click Save & Continue.

How Add Money To Your Account.

Here are steps on how you can easily add funds to your amazon account to purchase goods.
Amazon only allows you to use the following account for deposition to pay for purchases goods:-

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Checking account
  • Gift card

Step 1: Open your amazon account

  • Click on “Your Account”, is the head emoji at the top right corner on the amazon page.
  • Scroll down till you reach this subtitled head “Amazon Wallet”.
  • Click on Manage Payment Option.
  • Here you will see Add payment method Click on it.
  • It load and take you to where you can add your payment method, choose anyone of your desire.

What to buy on Amazon.

Amazon sells a lot of things such like

  • Phone
  • Cases
  • Women Hair appliances
  • Any kind Brushes
  • Gun
  • Baby diaper
  • Airpods
  • Food
  • Cream
    and many other things.

Just go to the search bar on their site homepage.

Step 1: Go to Amazon homepage and locate search icon.

  • Click the search icon and search the keywords of the item you want to order.

Step 2: After typing the item name, Click on enter and Amazon search engine will automatically pull up all items related to what you search.


Step 3: Scroll down through the listed items, but if you are unable to see what you need then you’ve to use another search terms.

But Note: Don’t ever release your card pin to any Amazon staff or agent, the only place your code will be requested for is at the add payment page, even at this page it will only request for the code in the front or back of your credit or debit card, So don’t review or tell anyone your card pin.

How to search by Category.

This another steps on how you can easily get what you need by searching with category.
Step 1: Click on the Category menu beside the search item box.

Step 2: There are many categories which you can choose to search about depend on what you need.

Step 3: These categories are what Amazon sells, Click on what you want, the Categories on Amazon store include:

  • Yarn
  • Alexa Skills
  • Amazon Fresh
  • Amazon Video
  • Appliances
  • App & Games
  • Clothes
  • Art, Craft & Sewing
  • Shoes
  • Cell phones accessories
  • Women jewelries

and many other things

Step 4: Click on What you want among the listed category and amazon will pull up everything related to what you have clicked.

How To Choose Items

Step 1: Go through the page and click the item you want to purchase.

Step 2: Once you click it, Check the left bottom corner of the page to know the best selling conditions.

Step 3: Amazon allow user to choose the conditions he/she want and there are three types of conditions on amazon goods these are:
1. New
2. Used
3. Collectible
Firstly What is new item.

New goods are item that have not be touch or use by any other person.

Used item this are goods or things that has already partially been used.

How to purchase your select Goods.

Now this stage is where you should be careful and follow up what you are doing to avoid any mistake or error that may leads to loss of goods.

Step 1: Click on “Add to Cart” at the bottom of the item. This will takes you to a page where you can select the quantity of the items you want to order for.

Items can be in your cart for long period of time but sometimes amazon may remove or change the prices though depends on the availability of the items.

Step 2:

  • Under the items in your cart Amazon will shows up some related item which customer usually buy along with your item.
  • If you’ve interest in any of the related items you can add it to cart.

Step 3: Go to your Amazon homepage.

  • Click “Cart” Icon. this is the basket icon at the top right corner of Amazon homepage.

Step 4: Click on “Proceed to checkout“.
The checkout is located at the right side of the website.
Select your Shipping Address
After you’ve done with everything, make sure you turn on your location.
Amazon will show you the best location to your precise area.

Then, Select the payment method you’ve already added to your account at first.
You can use the boxed tagged “Promotional Code”
to reduce the cost of prices, if you have enter it but If you don’t proceed.

Step 5: Click on “Place your order” icon.

  • Amazon will show you your order summary at the bottom of this icon, you can proof field your item details before clicking the icon.
  • Check your registered email inbox to confirm your order.
    The mail will include your order tracking id which can be use to track your order location.

How To Turn On 1-Click Order.

What is 1-click order?

This an options that allows user to place order with one Click.

  • Go to “Your Account” page on Amazon website.
  • Scroll down till you see 1- Click setting
  • Click on it and Amazon will automatically ask you to enter your Amazon account password.
  • Choose Your shipping and payment method, Click on add payment method to choose your preferred payment method and enter your shipping address.
  • On the page you will see a link entitled “1-Click Status”.
  • This is toggle to set 1- Click up, Click on turn it and turn it on, Once you turn it on you don’t have to go through all the necessary steps before placing an order.
  • All you have to do is just to select the items you want to purchase, and click proceed


How To Cancel An Order.

Note: Only Items that have not shipped can be remove or cancel.
Step 1: Go to “Your Order“. This is where you can view your order either Amazon Fresh Order or Digital order.

  • Amazon Fresh order:- This are order that have still with the seller which is not yet ship.
  • Digital Order:- This are order that is already shipped.

Step 2: Click on “Cancel Item“. Only Amazon Fresh order will be available here.

Step 4: Click on view or Edit order. Once you click the link, it will load to a page where you can remove or delete the order.

Step 5: Tick on the check box beside each Order.

Step 6: After you’ve successfully select the fresh order you want to remove.

Step 7: Click Cancel checked items. This is at the bottom of the list table of your order.

Do you have any issues on your order? We still got you covered on that.
Reach Out to Amazon customers Hotline:- +1-206-922-0880
You’ve now successfully cancel your order.
That’s all you have to know on how to order on amazon, Don’t let anything hold you back, start shopping today.
Happy shopping.

Thanks For reading, leave a comment if you still have any issues.


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