12 best shooting games for android and ios

12 best shooting games for android and ios

12 best shooting games for android and ios.

Shooting games are world widely known as the most exciting genre of games for gamers. Whether it is FPS or TPS or the middle of them, All the type of shooting games are all good.

Are you not in the right mood? if yes, try the games list below out, I promise it will definitely change your mood straight.

Most TPS games make some one day shine because it is combined up by moving from mission to mission and the player will even be acting as if they has life. On the FPS the way you break the enemies head with gun will even make you laugh your ass off.

In this article, You’ll know the 12 best shooting games for android and iOs.

What is FPS?

FPS means First Person Shooters. FPS are the action games that are centered on weapon.

What is TPS?

TPS means Third person shooter which the full body of the player is visible on the screen.

All the games are easy to set up, Let move into the main topic – 12 best shooting games for android and ios in 2020.

PUBG Mobile

This game is under the two types of action games genre because you shoot with other types of gun and will use sniper to carry out operations in some missions.

The game is well developed in term of graphics and any other things.

At the beginning, some enemies were gathered to kill you. but for you to live and survive you will need to eliminate everyone and search for other good weapon that you can use to attack others at the next missions.

This game is available on Google play store for Android and Apple store for iOs.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

GTA San Andreas is another best actions games for android and iOs. This game is so amazing, There are many groups in it, Some groups wore yellow and some wore red but you belongs to the greens.

At the beginning, You’re coming to the town to celebrate the burial of your late mom but unfortunately Police cross your cab on your way home and you were arrested, they steal all the luggage and everything you’re coming home with and throw you outside from a running car. You have to strive and protect your hoods.

The most funniest part about this game is that you will have your own girlfriend, which they give you guidelines on how you can kiss her and hug after you start the game.

This game suppose to be the number one but it is not free.

You can purchase it on Playstore or Apple Store for iOs.

Frontline Commando.

This game is some how hard but you can simply make it simple by firstly know how to target very well.

You’re the only surviver and must come out alive the only way you can use to come out alive is to kill any enemies you come across and maintain the player life.

Frontline Commando 2 I available on Google playstore and Apple store for Android and iOs.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

This game is made by the developers of GTA San Andreas. They are both similar in terms of weapon but San Andreas has more weapon than Vice city.

In Vice city, the mission is not base on a city alone. You can be given mission which you will travel out of your city or country.

Although, Vice city those not have enough equipment like San Andreas but they really try in developing the game.

For low versions phone or less ram phones you can go for vice city.


This game has both single and multiplayer option I. e you can feature your friend on the game.

You control the player to eliminate planet, Don’t let any planet gives target on your own soldier power machine. You must maintain the strength of the machine.

N. O. V. A

NOVA means Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance.

The game is FPS, which has twelve levels and through out all the levels, you must kill all the enemies in one level before you can move to the next.

The enemies are also known as Xenos in the game.
NOVA is available on both Google play store and Apple store for Android and ios.

Modern Combat 5

This new version as been upgraded and it comes with nice graphics which you will definitely likes.

Your target on this game is to eliminate all the enemies and all maker sure your gangs are safe.

You can reloaded your weapon by keeping yourself safe in an area where gun can’t hit you.

The features of this game are also similar to the features of Call Of Duty.

Modern combat 5 is available on Google play store and Apple store.

Dead Trigger 2

This games is Zombie versus human. You can also access multiplayer on it in which you will have opponent.

The best way to get rid of this zombies is to target their head but if you shot any other part they will still craw to eat you up but don’t let them get near you.

The only way you can enjoy this game is to be fast in targeting and shooting. Keep on spraying bullet on their head.

Dead Trigger 2 is available on Google play store and Apple Store for Android and iOs.

Call Of Duty

This game is First Person Shooters in which you keep on aiming bullet at where the enemies are.

It has many missions, the game is so impress and even what more than hyping.

Don’t stay in one area to prevent you from been eliminate by your enemies.

Call Of Duty is available on Google play store and Apple Store for Android and ios.

Resident Evil

Resident Evil is also action games which you have to prevent yourself from been eat up by the zombies.

The only way you can prevent yourself is to run out from the mansion and face your enemies.

Don’t forget, the fastest way to kill zombies is to shoot them on their head.

Resident Evil is available on Google play store and Apple Store for Android and ios.

Critical opps

Critical Opps is First Person Shooters games that allow the user to use aim for targeting enemies.

The game also has Multiplayer options which you can feature your friend on. Opps was built with some reflexive actions and skills and it has good graphics.

You’re been locked up in one apartment, For you to be able to out, You must kill all the enemies in that level and maintain the the stages of your life.

Critical Opps is available on Google play store and Apple Store for Android and ios.

Mortal Combat Versus

Mortal Combat Versus is First Person Shooters games under the umbrella of Gameloft games.

You’re a surviver soldier which were surrounded by enemies, Don’t get near them before you shoot. So the best way to eliminate them all is to target them from a distance.

The game has the file of 2. 1GB for installation.

Mortal Combat Versus is available on Google play store and Apple Store for Android and iOS.

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