10 Best Free Live Sport  Streaming  apps for (iOs and Android ) in 2020.

10 Best Free Live Sport  Streaming  apps for (iOs and Android ) in 2020.

10 Best Free Live Sport  Streaming  apps for (iOs and Android ) in 2020.

Sport is worldwide game that every single person’s love. Have you been busy on task which you’re being given but You want to stream sport on your mobile device either Android or iPhone, Don’t worry we will guide you on the best app that you can use.

Using mobile phone to watch live game is better than sitting on watch TV because you can use Streaming TV channels without subscription but for mobile devices subscriptions is not needed. Though, there are some certain app that payment is involved but for the below listed app you don’t need to subscribe before streaming.


Many people even think sports is only base on Soccer which is not, Sport is any games that involve one team against the other and the most popular sport games in the world include:-


  • Football
  • Cricket
  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Swimming and many more.

I know you will never want to miss out a game of your favorite team, This the right place for you if you’ve been finding the best app you can use to stream sport.

In this article, We’ll guide you on the 10 Best Free Live Sport Streaming  apps for (iOs and Android ) in 2020.

We split the 10, Which we selected top 5 Best Live Sport Streaming apps for android and 5 for iPhone (iOs).

Let go into the main topic – 10 Best Free Live Sport Streaming  apps for (iOs and Android ) in 2020.


Top 5 For Android.

  1. Sport Angel
  2. Genius Stream
  3. Live NetTV
  4. Show Sport TV
  5. Sony Liv


Top 5 For IPhone (iOs).

  1. iplay
  2. Channel App
  3. Sports TV
  4. Live Sports TV HD
  5. Football Live HD


 Sport Angel


Sport Angel is one of the best Live stream app with high features.

They serve user with high quality display and their app contains less ads. Apps with much ads can cause distraction that is why recommend this app for you.

Features of Sport Angel

  • It support HD quality.
  • Very Low Data Consuming.
  • Does not require sign-up.
  • Well navigated menu.


Genius Stream

Genius Stream is Live streaming App. Almost 80% of the channels on this App are available in HD and it also stream live channel from many different countries.

Sport, Entertainment movies are available on the App.

Features Of Genius Stream

  • Support Multiple Players.
  • Free Live TV.
  • Channels from over 12 different countries.
  • Work’s on most used networks (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G).
  • No Sign – Up.
  • Support HD quality.
  • Easy to


Live NetTV


The Live NetTV is one of the most Greatest TV apps. It has over 750+ channels from more than over 15 countries.


The apps serve Entertainment, TV Shows and sport and it doesn’t compulsory to make payments  for sign up.


Features Of Live NetTV


  • HD Live TV stream support.
  • Video On Demand for Movies.
  • Over 800 live channels from many categories and genre
  • All the videos are absolutely free on the App.
  • Easy to Navigate.


Show Sport TV


Show Sport TV  has more than 80+ sport channels across the world where you can watch Live Sports.

Although, There website contain many ads that can interrupt what you’re doing. However, We’ll advice you to download the app on Playstore which contains less ads.


Features Of Show Sport TV


  • No sign-up require.
  • Completely Free with Ads.
  • Over 80 Live Sports Channels from different countries.
  • Notifications alerts setting for an upcoming match.
  • Well Navigated and simple to use.


Sony Liv


Sony  Liv  can serve you  with Indian TV Serials, Online Movies, Live Sports Updates, Original Shows, Music.


Sony Liv require subscription to have access to all channels but you can still stream Sport Live without any subscription what you have to do is just to wait for 5 minute after the game is Live.


Features of Sony Liv


  • On Demand Video Streaming.
  • Over 40k hours of TV show.
  • Over 750+ Movies.
  • 6 football coverages.


5 Best Free Live Sport Streaming  apps for iPhone (iOs) in 2020.




iplay is Live streaming apps for iPhone users and it  is available on Apple Store.


It is mobile friendly and easy in sorting Live channels and It is also easy to navigate. Which also has over 900+ Live channels.

Pop up notifications is also available which keep user updates about the next movies or game.


Features Of iPlay


  • 900+ Live Channel.
  • It is mobile Friendly.
  • Keep user up to date.
  • Easy to navigate.


Channel App



Channel App TV  has more than 30+ sport Channel that offer you free Live sport streaming on your iPhone.


This apps has many channels include some  traditions video channel and doesn’t require any subscription before having access to there channels.


Features of Channel App


  • Over 30+ sport Channel.
  • Navigation is easy.
  • VOD for movies.



Sports TV


Sport TV basically show football, basketball, volleyball, rugby, surf, golf, athletics, wrestling and American sports, combat sports, auto racing and tennis. It is one of the best app you can use to watch live match on your iPhone.


The app contains less ads and it is easy to navigate. Although there is paid version for app to have full access to all the channels but the free version will shows some certain channels.


Features of Sport TV


  • Over 30,000 hours TV show.
  • Over 60+ channels.
  • No payment require for sign up.
  • VOD for Movies.


Live Sports TV HD


Live sport TV HD is the perfect and best live streaming app for iPhone users. The app offer sports on different categories either it is Cricket, football, baseball, basketball, wrestling, tennis and many more.


It also has pop up notifications that notify users about the next fixture and this keep users up to date so you can not miss out any thrill of the game.


Features Of Live Sport TV HD


  • Stable HD.
  • Livescores update.
  • Many Sport channels.
  • Support Slow network.



Football Live HD


Football Live HD is worldwide app and is available on Apple store. Football Live HD doesn’t show only Football, The app show many other sport games.

It has many channels and offer Live score, pop up notifications to update next fixture. The app categories are will arranged and easy to navigate.

The app is free and does not require any payment before having access to it or before sign in.


Note: Not all the app listed above are all available to world countries, If you want to download any of it but it does not available in your country, You still have option you can use VPN to download it and stream.


What is VPN?


VPN means Virtual Private Network which secure your connection on internet by changing your location to another. It use to be safe or hide information while browsing.


With all the is app that we have listed above, pick any one of your choice and start streaming without missing out your favorite game. The apps are all tested and it is save for your mobile device.

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